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Ecotars – the eco-friendly NFT project!

Become an Ecotar today for a greener tomorrow!

Where Our Story Begins

We’re Ecotars – peaceful biomechanical denizens of a distant world. Our society has achieved perfect harmony by integrating nature with technology in all aspects of our lives. An Ecotar, like me, will never suffer from illnesses, starvation, or cruelty. We’ve never seen war, outside of fiction or philosophy. Sadly, this is not the case for you, my human friends. But there's definitely hope! And that's exactly why we are here.
We have no right to give up. We can work through these issues together. Someday, you humans will learn how to use your environment without harming it. And you’ll learn how to resolve conflicts without hatred or violence. Ecotars will gladly provide aid and knowledge, you just have to make the first step. Join our community today, for the sake of a better tomorrow!
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What’s So Special About Us?

Our bodies are half vegetation, half machine. The Ecotar society has managed to resolve the conundrums of scarcity and pollution. We’ve left our space sector to make contact with humanity and remind you to preserve your Earth’s fragile ecosystem!
To communicate with earthlings, we took the shape of a 3D animated NFT collection which includes 1654 algorithmically generated creatures that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Here are some facts about us:
9000 hours
It took our friends 9000 hours of work to introduce us into your world.
800+ traits
Our Ecotar bodies are customized with a unique bunch of 300+ visual and 500+ musical traits, and we can easily adapt to the Metaverse.
4 races
We represent 4 unique extraterrestrial races, each having its own animations. Some are rarer than others!
500000 frames
All the Ecotars together have about 500000 frames of animation, and that’s just the beginning of our mission!

We Can Help Your Planet and Humanity!

Each time you mint an Ecotar, we're not just a piece of art that gets created. You’re also sending aid to eco charities. A substantial fraction of sales royalties goes towards environmental efforts and other causes. Owning an Ecotar shows that you care about your environment, your society, and your planet’s future.
Our mostly Ukraine-based team is glad to inform you that 40% of our proceeds from sales royalties will be donated to eco charities. Receiving organizations will be selected by holder voting.

Why It's Great to Be an Ecotar Holder

Decision making
Holders get to choose the charities we’ll donate to.
Whitelist privileges
Automatic whitelisting for our next collection.
Club access
Join an exclusive eco-club.
Social impact
You’re creating real change.
Software drops
Free personal licenses on all Electronic Team's software titles for holders.

Meet the People Who Invited Us!

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Electronic Team, Inc.
 nft logo
NFT Ideas
Roman Kropachek
Ecotars were developed through the joint effort of Electronic Team, Inc. – a US-based software corporation with chart-topping entries on the App Store (Elmedia Player, among others), and “NFT Ideas” – an NFT design studio under the wing of an experienced marketer and creative director Roman Kropachek.

Our Journey Continues

Note: that’s the way we see things right now.
But the final roadmap will depend on the community and the ever-changing world of NFTs
Initial mint. Only Whitelist and Waitlist members can get Ecotar NFTs at mint price.
Ecotar Charity Fund is formed. 40% of sales royalties are donated to eco-charity each month.
First Gold Status holders appear. Initial holders that don’t sell their Ecotar for 60 days after minting will get the Gold Status, which automatically grants free mint of our next collection, giveaway and event priority, and makes them eligible for airdrops!
Club development. Active conversation, environmental speakers, real-life outdoor events, WL for other collections, and monthly voting to choose our charities.
Further steps. We will release more collections soon, and organize more ecological activities. Moreover, every community member will help decide the direction of our project!
Stay tuned for more news about Ecotars!
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We’re creatures from a remote world that arrived on Earth to help humanity. We shaped up into an animated 3D NFT collection.

But you can be an Ecotar, too. Members of communities that participate in charity and do their part in saving the planet are honorary Ecotars!
Our collection is composed of 1654 uniquely generated Ecotars. There are 4 races with different degrees of rarity.
The Ecotars collection was minted on Dec 19, 2022 with a mint price of 0.035 ETH.
40% of sales royalties will be collected to the charity fund. The rest goes towards marketing, creation of our next collection, and maintaining the Ecotar Club.
When you mint or buy an Ecotar, you get the full rights to the purchased art – copying, distribution, and commercial use included. Detailed information can be found in Terms and Conditions.

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